10 Most Critical Corporate Cyber Security Risks: Actionable Advice, Key Takeaways & Practical Solutions

According to the PwC Global Report, 31% of respondents experienced cybercrime and a staggering 52% of all frauds are perpetrated from people inside the organization.

Gone are the days of only relying on your anti-virus and Firewall to protect your business. Modern day threats are sophisticated and hard to catch. Are you confident that you are safe from an attack coming from within, or outside of, your organization? If you have any doubts, you need to attend this session to get educated and walk away with practical steps that you can take within your organization.


Featured Presenter:

Biren Shukla
CEO of Forum Info-Tech

Biren Shukla is the dynamic CEO of Forum Info-Tech, A Specialized Managed IT Service Provider focused on delivering an IT Experience for their small to mid-market clients. 

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