Disruptive Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry isn’t just seeing a resurgence in the United States these days, it’s also keeping pace with the vast improvements in technology throughout the world.  Are we prepared for all these changes and how advancements in technology can impact the manufacturing industry as well as the economy as a whole?  Find out how the Internet of Things, smart factories, robotics and 3D/additive printing will impact the future of this industry.


Featured Presenters

David Carlson
Managing Director, Marsh

David Carlson leads the U.S. Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Practice for Marsh and is based in Cleveland, Ohio. David is responsible for building and growing the practice and ensuring consistent delivery of Marsh’s industry-leading products and solutions to manufacturing and automotive clients on a national basis.

Jose Heftye
Managing Director, Marsh

Jose Heftye has recently joined Marsh as Managing Director and Sharing Economy Practice Leader. A 16-year risk management veteran, Jose drives Marsh strategy in this high profile and thriving segment with main focus on helping sharing economy, on-demand services and autonomous mobility companies develop their risk treatment strategy and risk financing structure. Additionally, Jose is actively developing partnerships with key insurance markets to create non-traditional products and services specific to these high growth companies risk profile and operational requirements.