Ergonomics Evaluation Certification Program

Workshop Topics and Objectives:

  • Introduction to Ergonomics
  • Establishing and Implementing an Ergonomics Program
  • Ergonomic Evaluation Strategy
  • Identification and Measurement of Risk Factors and their Severity
  • Ergonomic Assessment Tools
  • Risk Analysis Tools
  • Designing the Office Environment
  • Power and Manual Tools Design and Use
  • Anthropometrics in Design

The Matheson Ergonomic Evaluation Certification Program prepares allied health and safety professionals to contribute to the wellness and effectiveness of their office, production and industrial workers through proactive identification, analysis and control of ergonomic factors. Graduates come away from this program with an in-depth understanding of the use and limitations of a battery of risk assessment tools for work tasks requiring strength, upper extremity dexterity and whole body endurance. Coupled with newly acquired skills in office and industrial workstation design and layout, the evaluator will have the confidence to select the correct set of evaluation tools for any ergonomic positioning or risk scenario.

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Featured Presenter:

John R. LaCourse, PhD, CPE, CEES

"Dr. John," as he likes to be called, is coordinator of the Matheson Ergonomics Evaluation Certification Program. He is a board-certified professional ergonomist providing service in ergonomic engineering. He is also a professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. He specializes in engineering controls of cumulative trauma disorders. Dr. John's expertise has been tapped nationally and internationally by courts, industry, national boards, and the military.

CEES Certification

Completion of this four-day in person course qualifies the student to begin the process of attaining the Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist (CEES) designation. The application process requires completion of 20 field evaluations and submission of a sample of the applicant's field work.