Protecting your Intellectual Property and Preventing Accidental Infringement

What Consumer Product Companies Need to Know!

Patent trolls are filing demands for payment and litigation for IP infringement is on the rise. For businesses selling consumer products into the market, this is a real and urgent concern. Our panel of experts will share what you need to know around:

  • Risk Management steps to prevent accidental infringement coming out of your design department or from vendors where designs are purchased
  • Best Practices on protecting your own IP and how to enforce it proactively – your brand and IP is only valuable to the extent you enforce and protect it!
  • The latest in Technology resources to streamline your processes around IP verification
  • The evolution of IP Insurance coverage – state of the current marketplace and improved access to protection

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Featured Presenters

Jim Shepherd
Senior Account Executive, Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corp.

Chuck Baxter
Underwriting Manager, Assoc. General Counsel, Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corp.

Jessie Reider
Senior Counsel Intellectual Property Law, Buchalter

Aaron McDaniel
Partner, IP Shark