Understanding Workers' Compensation Fraud

Whether it’s tax fraud, accounting fraud, Medicare fraud, auto insurance fraud, or workers’ comp fraud, it’s all the same thing: Seeking financial gain through deception. Anyone who touches a workers’ compensation claim, including claimants, employers, lawyers, insurance companies, and doctors, have an opportunity to profit from lying. Attendees will learn how to detect workers’ compensation fraud from these various players, and what they can do about it.

Please join us for an informative and interactive seminar discussing a topic which costs us billions of dollars every year.

  • Understanding Abuse vs. Fraud – Not all claims are fraud. What to look for and how to differentiate between the two. How are claims assessed and referred for fraud investigation?
  • What is capping and how are cappers prosecuted? What evidence is needed to prove Fraud? Recent major cases will be discussed, along with positive results from the District Attorney’s office.
  • A doctor’s perspective on Workers’ Compensation fraud and how is it managed from a medical perspective.

Featured Presenters:

Bob Taylor, Special Investigation Manager
The Zenith Insurance

Dominic Dugo, Chief Deputy
San Diego County District Attorney Office

Randall Browning, MD.